(Last Updated On: April 25, 2017)

It’s the desire of every Pakistani girl to win the title of Miss Pakistan, So they can represent our beloved country internationally. But it’s not too easy the win the miss Pakistan world title because all the contestants are passionate and hardworking.

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Since, the president of Miss Pakistan World organization Sonia Ahmed provided a proper platform  for all those girls who wants to achieve this title and want to do something good for Pakistan, a lot of girls participated in this event and many girls won the title tough. But very few of them were extra passionate.

5 Best Miss Pakistan Winners of All Time

Today in this article I am going to share the list of 5 best winners of Miss Pakistan World for All Time.

1Anzhelika Tahir

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Anzhelika Tahir – Miss Pakistan World 2015, is the only pageant winner. Her winnings are as follows:

Runner Up 2 – World Miss University 2016
Runner Up 2 – Miss Supertalent 2016
Runner Up 1 – Miss Eco International 2017
Gold Medal – Miss Earth 2016 for Talent Round

Anzhelika Tahir dedicated 2 years of her life for bringing these titles for Pakistan. Pakistan’s destiny changed when it started coming in the Top 3 and it was a refreshing feeling for Pakistan’s Pageant Industry to gain this much importance.
An industry started by Sonia Ahmed, in 2002, it has grown ten folds since the beginning and has reached to the top 3 level in three international pageant plus winning a gold medal in Miss Earth.

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2Shanzay Hayat

Shanzay Hayat – Miss Pakistan World 2013 – Shanzay Hayat was the point when the Miss Pakistan World company took a turn. She not only brought class and beauty to the pageant but went recognized in the beauty pageant industry as a very strong contender.
She came in the Top 15 for Miss Grand and Miss Supertalent. She won a gold medal for her talent in Miss Earth and then called it quits in the pageant world. She could have gone a bit further but mostly everyone has a limit. She competed in three international beauty pageants and brought Pakistan’s name on the map as a country that can win and come in the top 15.

3Ramina Ashfaque

Ramina Ashfaque – Miss Pakistan World 2016 – Newly crowned and ready to take on more responsibilities had already participated in Miss charity international 2015. She is all set for Miss Earth in 2017! We place her at number 3 as she has yet to prove herself and will excel as a Miss Pakistan World.

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4Batool Cheema

Batool Cheema – Miss Pakistan World 2004, is the first Punjabi decent winner for Pakistan and represented Pakistan in 2 international pageants and served the Miss Pakistan World pageant for many years. She even judged 2 Mr. and Miss Pakistan World pageants.

5Zehra Sheerazi

Zehra Sheerazi – Miss Pakistan World 2003, this gorgeous beauty from Karachi, Pakistan represented Pakistan in the World Miss University 2003 pageant in Seoul, Korea in 2003. She was the first winner to break barriers and bring Pakistan on the map of beauty pageants.

She was the first ever winner of this title and the first Pakistani girl to ever win a beauty pageant anywhere.