(Last Updated On: May 26, 2018)

YO! My name is 3Patch and I’m a true artist. My passion for art includes things such as, dancing, graphic design, and shooting videos. Yet, my heart and soul belong to hip-hop and painting. I literally live and breathe hip hop. It was there for me when no one else was, and showed me the light to escape some of the hardest moments I’ve faced in my life. I’ve loved hip hop since I was about 11 years old, up in the 6th grade.

My whole life I’ve wanted to be a rapper. I used to rock an Eminem shirt in middle school nearly everyday. That’s how much the genre and artist within the game spoke to my soul. A little background on my dream and passion for painting; my mother was an art teacher and my father is an architect. Art runs through my blood and up my family tree. I started painting a little over a year ago, when I was in one of the deepest depressions of my life. I got all my emotion and suffering out by slashing at a canvas. Painting also brought me up out of a very dark place, that I plan to never return to. Provided below is a link to my first performance on my YouTube channel that I’m attempting to grow and push me forward in life towards my dreams.

You can find videos of me painting, rapping, and dancing to my own freestyle videos on my channel. I’ve painted on shoes, I’ve painted on a surgical mask, and I’ve painted on plain canvases all on my channel. It’s the best place you could go to understand me as an artist and to view my work. Link below.


I also have a Soundcloud where I’ve posted four songs. I don’t cuss in my raps, because I believe if you want to make the world a better place then you have to start small, then grow from there. My songs are fairly unique in how they sound, and I believe they show a lot of potential for growth. I take the music I release seriously. I’ve recorded other songs, but they weren’t up to par for me so I never put them out. Anyways, check out my Soundcloud too. Link below.

I also have an Instagram and a Twitter that I’m fairly active on. You can view my paintings that you don’t see on my YouTube channel on either of these social media platforms. Links below.


In conclusion, whoever you are and wherever you are, I hope you have a blessed day. Do a good deed for someone today, and make sure to check out my music/artwork links that I’ve provided above. Peace!

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