14th Lux Style Award is Going To Be Held on 30 September

(Last Updated On: September 17, 2015)

Lux Style Award 2015Karachi: The event of 14th Lux Style Award is going to be held on 30 September in Karachi and rehearsal for the event are on the peak. Mahira Khan and Fawad Afzal Khan will perform their special performance in 14th lux style award while they will also give tribute to the legends of the industry.

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It should be cleared that Lux Style Award was started fourteen years ago. Every year different awards were distributed in the artists from the four different fields which includes Fashion, Films, Music and Drama. More than thirty awards distributed every year.

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In this year the same rule will be followed for the nominees of the lux style awards which be hand over to different fashion designers, models, photographers, make up artists etc.

Beside all this actors and actress of four Pakistani movies Dukhtar, Na Maloom Afrad, Operation 021 has been nominated while their  producers have also been nominated for the awards.


So, it was a short article in which I shared the latest media news about the 14th Lux Style Award which will be held on 30 September in Karachi. Stay tuned wit muzent.com for more latest news and gossips 😉

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