“11 11 (Me, Smiling)” Album Review

(Last Updated On: September 17, 2018)

In one of our last article we reviewed Fronterro and today we are back again with a review of another album called 11 11 (Me, Smiling) which is the finest album I’ve heard. So, here we go;

"11 11 (Me, Smiling)" Album Review

11 11 (Me, Smiling) Album Review

So, now here we are sharing the review of this album 11 11 (Me, Smiling) by The Interplanetary Acoustic Team. We will divide this review further in three parts. So, here we go;

11 11 Album Info

The title of the album might be somewhat strange for you guys but deep down it has a message which you will feel after listening to the album, and if we talk about their team then they are widely known as ‘The Interplanetary Acoustic Team’.


For the very first time when I played a song from the album I was like ‘Oh man what’s going on’ it’s simply mind blowing. Whether it’s title track or the last track of the album every song is dope.

Not just this but all the songs contain some deep feelings and message and once you start listening to it you can’t stop yourself then. A new passion, new kind of energy you will feel when you will listen to it.

Final Words:

At end of the review I’ve to say that ‘I am searching words so I can describe my feeling, thoughts toward the album’ believe me guys it is a must listen album and one should must listen this.

Here I am sharing the soundcloud link of 11 11 (Me, Smiling) and if you guys want to download the full album then click here.