These Are The 10 Best but Underrated Desi Rappers

(Last Updated On: April 19, 2017)

After the HipHop scene turned on in Indo-Pak, many young artists started their career by doing rap in Punjabi, Urdu and Hindi. No doubt Bohemia invented desi rap, while Honey, Badshah, Ikka & Raftaar promoted this genre of music in India and Pakistan but now a days these young artists are not less talented than mainstream artists.

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These Are The 10 Best but Underrated Desi Rappers

Majority of these rappers are facing only one problem and that is “No Promotion”, I am not saying that no one is promoting them., DRSTV, TSBL, Artisttaan and few other platforms including Patari and Taazi are helping them to reach more audience but they also need an artist like Raftaar to support them by sharing their work. Except Raftaar no one is giving shout out to undergrounded rappers.

Today In this article I am going to share the exclusive list of 10 best but underrated rappers of Pakistan and India. So, here we go;)

List of 10 Most Underrated Rappers

1X-polymer Dar

Muhammad Dar (from Islamabad) better known as X-polymer Dar is the member of Rap Engineers and Founder of TSBL. He use to rap in Urdu and Punjabi, he also claim himself as a Sufi Rapper. Baatein was the one of hit track of Dar.

2Prabh Deep

Prabh Deep (New Dehli) is famous with his alternative name Class-Sikh, he use to do rap about the life. His combo matches with Sez. Prabh Deep is all set to release his album ‘Class Sikh’.

3Mohan Singh

Mohan Singh ( Ludhiana India) is the king of flow because his flow is different from the flow of all other desi rappers. He is also member of BEG alongside with Guru Lahori.

4Encore ABJ

Encore Abhijay (From New Delhi) aka Encore ABJ and Calm produced a track named as ‘Seedhe Maut’. He has also worked with Ghauri in Sunno which was a hit ever track. According to our sources we got to know that Seedhe Maut Mixtape is coming on the way.

5Young Bone

Osama Ali (aka Young Bone) is the youngest and talented rapper from Karachi, his work is different from all others. One more thing which I want to mention is that besides his talent he is the craziest person ever. You can feel his craziness in the music video of Ungli. His hit track was Oh Lay with Raga and Rap Demon. Young Bone received shout out from Raftaar for Oh Lay and Ungli.


Yash Chandra  (From New Delhi) aka Yungsta started his career as a rapper when he was only 14 years old kid. Rehearsal is the best ever work of him in which Encore and many other rappers were featured. He also worked with Ghauri in Sunno.


Noman Zafar (From Gujrat Pakistan) aka Rapo is the member of Puthi Topi Gang, he got tight hold on his flow. While his pen game is also different. Rapo made many collaborations with different artists including X-polymer Dar, Guru Lahori, Abdullah Malik. Recently his latest track Puti Topi anthem came out in desi hiphop scene.

8Marshall The Third

Govind Singh (From New Delhi) better known as Marshall The Third has unique creativity. Chal Chad Chill was the super hit track of him, Later Ratfaar produced the Raa Mix of this track. Recently Marshall The Third released his latest track Tenu Whem Aa with Raga.

9Mirza Nani

Mirza Nani (From Gujrat Pakistan) is the second most underrted rapper having extra ordinary skills of writing. He is also member of Puthi Topi Gang. Dukh and Ilzaam are his best tracks. Moreover he is a good video editor.

10Hashim Ishaq Aka Big H

Hashim Ishaq who is also known as Big H, He eats the beat with his flow. Khali Karo was hit track of Big H. Now a days he is working on his upcoming album which will release soon.

So, in this article I have shared the list of 10 Best but Underrated Desi Rappers List. These artists need your support, so please share their work with your friends and also don’t forget give them feedback on their tracks.

List Credits: Mudassar Qureshi

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