(Last Updated On: January 18, 2016)

Recently when I was surfing something on Facebook I found a controversial video of Qandeel Baloch in which she was looking very wild. The video was specially created for Waqar Zaka by qandeel baloch.


In the video Qandeel Baloch was lying down in a little vulgar style while her way of talking is completely romantic and in controversial video of Qandeel Baloch she first told that how Fawad Khan is making tea for his wife in an advertisement while then she turned the point toward her self.Qandeel Baloch Posted Controversial Video For Waqar Zaka

In this controversial video Qandeel Baloch is asking Waqar Zaka that will he make Qandeel his cup of tea? I don’t why qandeel want to be the cup of tea for waqar zaka and I also don’t know the real matter behind all this drama. But, one thing which we can conclude from this video that Qandeel want to get fame by using short cut methods like making controversial videos etc. And for this she has already posted many videos like this on her Facebook page.

So, watch this Controversial Video of Qandeel Baloch in which she wants to be a cup of  tea for Waqar Zaka and tell us that what do you think about this.

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