(Last Updated On: August 15, 2017)

By the sources we got to know that a Pakistani Cinema Film by the name of Aks is all set to hit the cinema screens by its horrifying impact on viewers. Film has been Produced by MV Films in association with Asim Saadi Productions.

This Pakistani Horror Movie will be your Nightmare Aks

This film contains alot of those elements which a person cannot dare to watch alone
The film introduces: Roman, Faiza Asif, Arslan Sheraz, Jyoti Dagar and Fahad Rajpoot

The movie has been shot in UAE and passing by its Post Production stage

The Music and Songs also will leave an Deep impact on Viewers vision on Pakistani music which is desgined by Asim Saadi

The Film will be out by End of the year 2017 To Thrill you!