Is it Pregnancy or Privacy of Ayan Ali?

(Last Updated On: June 30, 2015)

Everyone isModel Ayan Ali Is Pregnant aware to the money laundering case on super model Ayan Ali and this case becoming more and more complicated and now this roumer is in the air that Ayan Ali is Pregnant. Now you will be thinking I am saying it from my self but nay, the most popular and offensive Pakistani anchor person tweet about Ayan which claims that she is pregnant.

You can see in the tweet what Mubashir Lucman said;

News is now confirmed Ayan Ali is 5 months Pregnant I crossed checked with my source and its true and bad news for her and someone in Dubai

Ayan Ali is Pregnant It was a very really shocking news for all of us and this news about Ayan Ali that she is pregnant has raised many questions like that who will be the real father which is hidden? whose baby is she carying? We don’t know anything about this but as mubashir claimed and mentioned “Bad news for Someone in Dubai” then who can be the daddy except Zardari? yes everyone is thinking that former president asif ali zardari will be the hidden father of the babby of ayan.

In future everything will be cleared but for me its very bad news for our nation because It will degrade the name of our country and people of other countries will say “Look what Pakistani people and their politicians are doing”. However it may be real news or may be its a privacy clue for her which we will come to know in future. So stay connected with us to know more about model ayan ali in future.

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