(Last Updated On: December 23, 2016)

Haya Kay Rang is the brand new drama on-airing on ARY Zindagi which is a project by Big Bang Entertainment, today In this article we are going to share Haya Kay Rang OST song by Sanam Marvi.

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Download Haya Kay Rang OST Song by Sanam Marvi

Haya Kay Rang Song Credits:

Track: Haya Kay Rang OST
Drama: Hay Kay Rang
Singer: Sanam Marvi
On-airing: ARY Zindagi
Project: Bing Bang Entertainment

Now we are going to share the official title song Haya Ke Rang drama which is sung by our beloved Sanam Marvi who got fame from Coke Studio.

Listen OST in Below Player:

Watch Haya Ke Rang OST Video