(Last Updated On: August 27, 2016)

Dilruba Na Raazi by Zeb Bangash & Faakhir Mehmood, is an amalgamation of vibrant, cultural sounds inspired from a Pushto folk tune, combined with an infectious melody that fits the original like a glove. Opening with a soul-stirring chant in Zeb Bangash’s pitch perfect vocals, the music builds up to welcome Faakhir Mehmood in a single that effortlessly merge the contemporary western sounds with a signature Pashtun rhythm. Whilst retaining the nostalgia of the original, music director Faakhir has managed to reform the tune into a festive romantic song with an intricate chord pattern, and free flowing music pieces featuring the accordion and Rubab amongst others, creating a beautifully euphoric track.

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Dilruba Na Raazi by Zeb Bangash & Faakhir Mehmood

Dilruba Na Raazi Song Credits:

Track: Dilruba Na Raazi
Artists: Zeb Bangash & Faakhir Mehmood
Music: Fakhir Mehmood
Episode: 3
Season: Coke Studio Season 9

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