Controversial Status of Hamza Ali Abbasi is Actually Right

(Last Updated On: July 1, 2015)

Few days ago Hamza Ali Abbasi posted a status about the legislation of gay marriage which states that;

Celebrate Pride? But sorry I will not. I accept it if anyone is gay… But I will not celebrate it. Its wrong no matter what theory of “Universal Love” you apply on it.

He re-edited his this status for four times to add his more thoughts in the status against the  Gay Marriage and Homosexual. Due to which social platforms like facebook and twitter became the battle ground. Hamza-Ali-AbbasiSome people are giving good comments while other are against the status and one thing more which I want to be mentioned that the Shireen Mazari’s daughter “Imaan Mazari” also came into this war to play her role but She is against the Hamza. Before I discuss something more about it. But here I want to mention that the controversial status of Hamza is actually not controversial but is Right Indeed.  Because we are Muslims and our religion Islam doesn’t allow this kind of acts and they are strictly prohibited in Islam. For a moment forget all the things and ask your self a question as a Pakistani that; “Would your self allow you to Introduce this kind of things like Marriage of Same Ganders in our country?” according to me the answer will be “No“.

Lets talk about the Imaan Mazari, who became very rude toward the Hamza after reading his status and she also asked her fans on twitter to report the status and facebook page of Hamza. Let me ask her a thing that; “Did Hamza Ali Abbasi say any thing about her or mentioned her name in his status?”  if the answer is no then its clear from it that Imaan is just a homosexual girl who also wants the freedom like the english people but our religion our culture will not allow this. I don’t want to discuss her anymore. Have a look what Imaan Mazari has retweeted on her account.

Imaan Mazari Tweet

While I was searching about the war between hamza ali abbasi and imaan mazari, I found a question someone asked on the that “Why most of the girls like to be in line to support gay/lesbian rights & marriages?Anyone with some good info?”

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