(Last Updated On: June 10, 2016)

Pakistan’s most famous singer turned actor Ali Zafar will work with Sharukh Khan for very first time in a same upcoming bollywood movie.

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Ali Zafar Will Appear With Shahrukh Khan In A Same Movie
Pakistani singer started his career in bollywood film industry in 2010 with Tere Bin Ladan and this movie gave him great succes and fame in bollywood while now He will work with biggest actor of bollywood.

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According to media reports Shahrukh Khan, Ali Zafar and Alia Bhatt will apear in a same movie while direction for the movie will be given by gori khan. Ali Zafar will play an importan role in the movie while Sharukh Khan will be playing role of phsyclogist. Soon Ali Zafar will go to india for shooting of this movie and it will be displayed for release in next year.
It should be cleared before this Ali Zafar has worked with Govenda, Ranvir Singh, Imran Khan and Katrina Kaif.