(Last Updated On: November 15, 2015)

Latest Bollywood News: Akshay Kumar showed his desire to cast Kriti Sanon in sequel of Singh is Bling. But it should be cleared that once Kriti denied to work in singh is bling for Shahrukh’s upcoming movie Dil Wale but now Akshay again wants to cast kriti sanon in singh is bling sequel.

Akshay Kumar Wants To Cast Kriti Sanon In Sequel Of Singh Is Bling
Pic Credit: www.mid-day.com

Kriti Sanon took her star from Heropanti in 2014 and now a days she is working in upcoming bollywood movie Dil Wale with Shahrukh Khan and that was the reason for which she denied to work in singh is bling.

According to latest bollywood news and gossips Akshay Kumar is hope to see Kriti Sanon in sequel of sing is bling but till now its not confirm she will work or not and there is no announcement about the cast till now.

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